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 Language: Chinese

   Teachers led us to Nan-Yi golf course. When arrived there, we were so excited.  Before our eyes was a stretch of green fields, just like green ocean. Then, we took golf cart to look around, the cool breeze brushed my face, I felt as if I have been in a different world.  Time passed quickly, we were reluctant to go home.  There were so many animals and plants that we couldn’t count them.  Although our school is very small, we never give up and still work harder than others.  A word we learned from the Chinese book is that there's no easy way to achieve the goal.  Only we do more effort can we get good results. Therefore, we should do effort for success.

   When arrived Nan-Yi golf course, we could not help admiring the scenery!  Wow!  What a beautiful design!  Not only the interior design is delicate, but also conference room on the second floor is magnificent.  Furthermore, they treated us nicely, I warmly appreciate their hospitality.  After listening to the introduction of golf, I found that there is so much to learn.  They do a lot of efforts to protect environment, and even spent more than 200 employees to trim and garden, and also helped the birds make a home.  Through this experience, I learned how important teamwork is.

   The first time we went around the golf course by a golf cart , we found that it’s really a huge golf course. We went to the toilet and took some pictures then we went to the starting point. The golf course is really beautiful. I hope that I can have more chances to visit here.

   The second time when I visited the golf course, I saw someone swinging, and the ball flew really far away.  Besides, I saw a man hitting the ball to the bunker, but he could hit the ball outside the bunker. It’s awesome. I really admired that. Golfers here could get closer and closer the greens. Then we went to the lawn which no one play golf here, and we took our shoes off and stepped on the grass.  There are three kinds of grass, and one of them is the softest. We threw the fertilizers to each other, and after stepping on the grass, we wet our socks. However, it was fun. Moreover, I think that the driver of the golf cart is good. Today I learned a lot.

   After visiting the golf course for three times, I know that there are many kinds of plants and animals here. I am also impressed by a teacher because he taught us how to play golf. He taught me about two o three times then I understood what he talked about. In the end we thought golf as a toy and played it freely. We really had fun here.

   The first time we went to the golf course, our principal said that the golf course is equal to 90 Wen-He elementary school! I am really surprised. The total length of the golf course is 7271 yards so we have to spend all day to walk through it. Therefore, we didn’t walk through it when we visited the golf course for the first time. We just wandered to the 9th hole. We had to wait until next time! I felt that I learned a lot even through it’s the first time I went to the golf course.

   Before I went to the golf course for the second time, I surfed the Internet, and learn how to play golf. After searching the Internet, I found that golf is much like baseball. We have to spot before we hit.

   The characteristics of the Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club are a golf course is the double greens. Also, I found that they took special care of the grass, so it’s very beautiful, like the grass in the fairy tale. In conclusion, there is only one word to describe Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club which is stunning.

   We played golf when we went to the golf course for the third time. We were afraid of doing that at the beginning. However, the more we play, the more we felt interesting. It’s really great to have a chance to play golf.

   I have never known what the golf course looks like after the first time I went to the golf course. When the manager introduced the golf course, I could feel the wind and see the little egrets and swallows. I realized that the Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club is really beautiful, and I expected to experience more when we come here next time.  

   We had a very important mission when we came to the golf course for the second time. That was taking pictures of plants in the golf course. I took a golf cart to reach each destination and took a lot of beautiful pictures of the plants. I also saw people hit the ball to the sky. We took our shoes and stepped into the greens, and it’s really comfortable. That’s because there were not spiked turfs. I found that there were a lot of small holes on the turf, and Manager Tsai explained that in order to fertilizing the greens so they dug the holes. There were numerous kinds of plants in the golf course. I can’t memorize their names.

   After visiting the golf course for several times, I really learned a lot. I learned not only about being a caddy, but also the tricks of maintaining the turf. In addition to ask questions to Manager Tsai, taking a ride to the course, taking pictures, we learned how to putt. These are all our valuable memories, and I felt that it’s fun to play golf. According to the interviews, we knew that the professional golfers have to practice at least one hour a day then they can get closer to their goal. I also believe that our efforts to Cyberfair will be wasted.

   Although I only went to the Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club for a few times, I could feel the passion every time I went there. The staff serves us some food and also lets us tries to play golf. It seems easy to see other people play golf, but actually it’s really hard when we play golf by ourselves. Although it is difficult to hit the ball into the hole, if we practice frequently, one day we can hit the ball into the hole.

   After exploring and recording for this period of time, I really learned a lot. For example, when we went to the hall of the golf course for the first time, I thought that it’s really impressive. Besides, the conference room is also well maintained! Every place is very pretty, and the dining there is sanitary and tasty, unlike the food in some other restaurants. In conclusion, I think that everything in the golf course is awesome, and Manager Tsai is very humorous.

   The most important of all, the golf course is really huge, and the turfs are well maintained. According to all these details, I think that the Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club is really the best golf course in Taiwan!

   We have been to the golf course several times. We hope that we can get to know about it. Manager Tsai in Nan-Yi Golf and Country Club is always patient with our questions, and we learn a lot from his answers. I will never forget the history and characteristics about the golf course. If I have time, I hope I can spend more time in the golf course.