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 Language: Chinese

Our local communities

~from http://www.guanmiao.gov.tw/

   The neighborhood’s terrain is made up mostly of hills, valleys and winding roads. Hence, there are only a few farmlands in this area. In the past, the inhabitants here could only rely on farming to sustain their lives. However, it is hard for the residents to get water, they had to dig ponds in order to accumulate rainwater for irrigation of the farmlands. Due to the water and soil conditions here, farmers here face a lot of difficulties when they want to develop their careers. Take rice, for example. Rice that is planted can only be harvested once a year.

   However, with the gradual development of the machinery industry, mutual learning of how to utilize these machinery has created a positive cluster effect that has improved the living standards of the neighborhood.

   Communities of all the major settlements are situated along Highway 19-A, all the way from north to south and are divided into several division, namely “Tatu Island”, “Bajia Laos” and “Grass Pi” (which are further subdivided into “Top Grass Pi” under the Grass Pi).

   The geographical and cultural differences of these six settlements that form the community have developed a unique diversity within the community.

Computer ability

   Starting from grade 3, the students are exposed to basic computer-related courses, at least once a week. Besides, computer generated visual aids will also be used in daily courses as well.With the network bandwidth of 100MB, it is more than sufficient in normal usage.This time we put a lot of efforts in participating the Cyber-fair; using the voice recorder and digital camera to record the event as well as searching for information related to Golf & Country Club on internet before hand]. The information collected are will be processed and transformed into electronic files and further developed into a participatory website. We then share the results with classmates and teachers by using LCD projectors and computers.We are looking forward to come out with a complete and detailed report on “Nan Yi Golf & Country Club” and further driven the positive development of the local community.


   Since this is the first time we participate in this Cyber-fair, everyone has no prior experience in such competition. As everyone lacks experience in competitions such as these, everyone was struggling around in the darkness.Fortunately, the school teachers showed exceptionally good teamwork in assisting and leading students to conduct interviews, produce publications and create web pages. Some even sacrifice their leisure time to translate documents into English. Hopefully all the hard work has paid off.

   Before choosing Nan Yi Golf and Country Club to be our topic, we met with a variety of difficulties. As almost everyone had limited knowledge about golf, we had to think of appropriate questions in advance before entering. Moreover, as it is private property, we had to call in to gain permission prior to entering. Fortunately, both the community and the club helped us a lot. Throughout the process of interviewing, not only did we gain new knowledge, but we also enjoyed the process of learning. We believe that we are unable to overcome difficulties and successfully present our report to everyone worldwide.

Learning effectiveness

   Our local government emphasizes the importance of the English language and aspires for it to become the second official language within a decade. To accomplish this goal, the strengthening and enhancement of English education is in full swing. Besides that, the local government are hoping that schools can develop international education by expanding students’ horizons, so that students will have the courage to face the future challenges.

   Hence, we chose Nan Yi Golf & Country Club as the title of the Cyberfair competition. I hope that through “golf” this international sport, not only will students’ command of the English language be enhanced, but it can also serve as a platform of interaction with international students, as well as experience the students’ passion towards golf. It is saddening that this new learning experience is currently absent in Taiwan’s present curriculum’s syllabus.

   Through self-learning online via the Internet, not only will we understand the various knowledge about golf, but also develop a certain interest in the game of golf. I believe that this experience will be favourable and beneficial for their growth in the future.